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New Mexico is famous for is amazing natural beauty and ancient past. From dinosaurs to volcanos to Native American Anasazi ruins you won't be disappointed!

Top 4 New Mexico Travel Destinations - Santa Fe, Red River, Carlsbad & Ruidoso

new mexico vacation travel planning infomationLodging in New Mexico

  • Hotels & Motels in Albuquerque
  • Hotels & Motels in Las Cruces
  • Hotels & Motels in Ruidoso
  • Hotels & Motels in Santa Fe
  • Hotels & Motels in Taos


From rattlesnakes to rocket ships, the museums in New Mexico offer something for everyone's tastes.

Outdoor Activities...

Camping, boating, fishing, bird watching, golf, hiking, bike riding & skiing.

Natural Wonders...

Put yourself in a state of awe by visiting our many natural wonders - explore underground caves, lava flows, and the world's largest gypsum field.

Travel Gadget Tips...

When planning any type of vacation (especially one that involves hiking), it's highly suggested that you invest in these great gadgets: water purifier bottle, compass, portable charger for phone, multi-tool that has survival gadgets and good old fashion walking shoes!



National & State Parks...

From ancient petroglyphs to mountainous wilderness, New Mexico offers a wide range of attractions that are sure to pique your outdoor recreational interests. For even more info, here is a list of the top 150 websites about New Mexico travel


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